Troubling Times Hip Hop - Modern Song
Byakhee Miscellaneous Song
Fear in the Fog Goth Song
Bells & Whistles Ambient Song
Non-Physical Phenomenon Cinematic Song
Credulous Ambient Song
The Mirror Test Cinematic Song
Socha (Instrumental) Miscellaneous Song
Monachopsis Miscellaneous Song
Zygnomic Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Void Hip Hop - Modern Song
Zygnomic (first draft) Hip Hop - Modern Song
It Comes from The Water Hip Hop - Modern Song
Unknown Unknowns Experimental Song
Yestreen Ambient Song
Apocaloptimist Cinematic Song
Seafood on a Monday Ambient Song
And Then There Were Naught Miscellaneous Song
Some Assembly Required (Miss Katonic Mixture) New Wave Song
In Communication Hip Hop - Modern Song
Lackadaisical (Instrumental) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Safety Net (Plan C) General Rock Song
Para (Instrumental) Indie Song
Nodus Tollens (Instrumental) Hip Hop - Modern Song
On The Night New Wave Song
Level Eleven Video Game Song
Psylocke In The Danger Room Industrial Song
Unworldly Miscellaneous Song
Serpentine General Rock Song
Whatever You Want It To Be Dance Song
Jabberwock Industrial Song
Startle Industrial Song
Andromeda Is a Lie Industrial Song
Continuity Errors (Instrumental) Industrial Song
Fantastical New Wave Song
Telling Time (Instrumental) Video Game Song
Ghosts In The Memories Classical Song
Knowhere Video Game Song
Belfry (Instrumental) New Wave Song
Solipsist (In My Mind) New Wave Song
Aberrant (InstruMental) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Funch (Instrumental) Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Lost in Thought Ambient Song
Zemblanity Ambient Song
Blunda (Instrumental) New Wave Song
Episteme (Instrumental) Ambient Song
Ukiyo (Instrumental) Experimental Song
All Smoke. No Mirrors. Experimental Song
Hypnago-go (Instrumental) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Goya Grunge Song
Xuésheng Dance Song
Sifu World Song
Tóngmíng Bùtóng Ráng Indie Song
Every Day Can Be Saturday Grunge Song
Shadow's Sunken Depth Video Game Song
Yú Yīn Miscellaneous Song
Koi No Yokan New Wave Song
Natsukashii Ambient Song
Hikikomori Industrial Song
Wayfarer Video Game Song
Metanoia Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Prowl Hip Hop - Modern Song
Quest for Unknown Qualis Experimental Song
Runaway Daydream Fusion Song

2013 Submissions

Choose Your Own Adventure General Rock Song
Semblance Miscellaneous Song
Illusionary War Jazz Song
Crisis Indie Song
Existence Fusion Song
Perspective Ambient Song
Predestination Paradox Indie Song
Mayhaps Goth Song
Dance of the Planets Ambient Song
Hyperreality Indie Song
Venture Classic Rock Song
Heliofugal Cinematic Song
Failed & False (beside) Video Game Song
Nether Regions of theSoul Miscellaneous Song
Mariana Trench Ambient Song
Changes in Disposition Miscellaneous Song
Ashes Video Game Song
Dust Industrial Song
Magic Theory Ambient Song
Cool Cat Hip Hop - Modern Song
Poiesis New Wave Song
Realisation New Wave Song
Plain as Day Classical Song
Euphoria in Emerald New Wave Song
High Wire Cello String Miscellaneous Song
Xerophobous New Wave Song
Waterlogged Goth Song
The Alcatraz Break Video Game Song
Eternity Video Game Song
Ask Ambient Song
Hope Battles Fear Goth Song
Bird's Takin' a Stroll Jazz Song
The Abnormality I Adore Ambient Song
Vicissitude Industrial Song
Adrift an Acerbic Ocean Ambient Song
Celestial Bodies New Wave Song
Point of Skew (reanimated Industrial Song
Miskatonic University Goth Song
Dumb Luck Ambient Song
Indifferencies Classical Song
Lash Miscellaneous Song
sleep. Ambient Song
Exhalation Video Game Song
Lascivious Industrial Song
Miss Sinister Video Game Song
Middle of the Night Ambient Song
Stargazing 8)> Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Twin Cities Video Game Song
Cold Nights Outside Goth Song
Anything At All Cinematic Song
Lackluster Industrial Song
Hop, Skip 'n a Romp Miscellaneous Song
Plissken General Rock Song
Luxury of Doubt Goth Song
Eye's Time... Hip Hop - Modern Song
Immediately Following Ambient Song
Accidntel Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Witch House Dare Miscellaneous Song
Shock & Awe Video Game Song
Church of Dagon Goth Song
From the Beyond Grunge Song
Too Cryptic Video Game Song
Carve Hip Hop - Modern Song
Soldier On Video Game Song
The Nether Regions of the Soul Industrial Song
Stabbing The Fourth Dimension Miscellaneous Song
Killing Hope Ambient Song
Giving Berth Miscellaneous Song
Nevermore Miscellaneous Song
SaWeet Miscellaneous Song
Not Thinking Video Game Song
Serious (As A Heart Attack) Ambient Song
Abracadabra Video Game Song
Nicotine Tea Ambient Song
The Cellar Door Video Game Song
Languid Squid Ambient Song
Bloodbending Industrial Song
Languor Ambient Song
In Recovery Ambient Song
The Hollowing Difference Video Game Song
Pareidolia Video Game Song
Point of Skew Video Game Song
Promises Kept, Promises Broken Video Game Song
Stumbling Revolution Industrial Song
Given Ambient Song
Rack 'n Ruin Miscellaneous Song
Calling Forth The Unimaginable Ambient Song

2010 Submissions

Make-Believe Ambient Song
Hiding Under The Covers Ambient Song
BrighterPicture DarkerNegative Industrial Song